How should I dress if I visit?

Be you. We believe a redemptive community is a place you don’t need to pretend. It’s also a place where you can dress in a way that is comfortable. Some of us wear ties, but most of us don’t. Some wear dresses, but many wear shorts and jeans.

Do you make people give money?

No, but we do talk about money sometimes. Jesus warned us that we can accidentally worship money instead of God. He taught us that God owns everything and that we are stewards who use those things to serve God. In the Old Testament, God told people to set aside 10% for that purpose. In the New Testament, he doesn’t demand a percentage, but he does call us to be generous and to give cheerfully (2 Corinthians 9:7).

Do you speak in tongues?

Not during our services. This is an area where our people have differing opinions, so we seek unity when we are together. We believe the gifts of the Spirit are for the building up of the church and should always draw attention to Jesus.

What denomination are you?

We are Christians who believe in the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ, but we don’t really have a denomination. Our people come from multiple backgrounds, and we strive to stay focused on the work of God through Jesus and the Holy Spirit. We have a lot in common with the Bible churches that started in the 1980’s, but we also have our own style.

What is your style?

In worship, we try to highlight the parts of our different backgrounds that bring us together in praising God. We also like a little variety, and we like to be creative. We put a priority on grace and being a community where people don’t have to pretend. We value unity in diversity.

Are you a diverse church? What do you mean by, “diversity?”

Yes. We come from multiple generations, colors, cultures, educational, and economics. We come from places of great sin and from great grace. We are both the devout and the desperate. Our new life in Christ ties us together, but it also helps us welcome our friends who do not yet know the redemption we have found in Jesus.

What do you teach about marriage?

We believe that God uses marriage as an example of his relationship to us, so it’s a big deal. We also believe that God calls us to sexual purity and male/female marriage. This can sometimes be a real struggle for people, but God set boundaries on us sexually so that we can experience sex as he designed it. In our brokenness, we need his help to do so.

Where did you come from? What is the history of The Bridge?

The Bridge began as a conversation between our two founding pastors—Chip and Jason—who had been building bridges in their churches and communities and had a dream to see an authentic, giving, and compassionate community in Atlanta.

The Bridge Church Atlanta was planted in Chip’s living room in 2004 and began meeting in Peachtree Ridge High School in 2005. Chip left as plans were made to move into our present facilitates in 2007, and Jason implemented a team-based teaching model where Phil Tuttle did the bulk of our teaching. Phil stayed and became an elder, while Jason left at the beginning of 2012. By that time, a team of elders had been installed and began to draw the church together through a series of family meetings.

These family meetings helped to unite the Bridge as the body rallied to pay off a large amount of debt, to re-establish a sense of purpose, and to begin the process of seeking a senior pastor.

We hired Steve in the fall of 2012 and set to work on what we describe as a re-planting of The Bridge Church. We are in the midst of a new era for our church and we continue to grow in health and clarity.