Find Community

We bridge people and Jesus because we believe Jesus is the best thing that ever happened.

And we want to trust Jesus, teach the word, serve the body, love people, and reproduce.
These things do not come naturally. They are the products of the work of the Holy Spirit both in us and through us. They take time and practice to learn much like a bird learns to soar by trusting the wind instead of flapping its wings.

This happens best in small groups of people where we take time to know each other and to be known.

  • Community groups provide safe environments to ask questions and to be honest about our own journeys—they give us a place to pursue faith and to bring our seeking friends into community.
  • Community groups let us meet people and build relationships—they give us a place to make friends and to be friends. They give us people to lean on and to pray with.
  • Community groups help us read our own Bibles and practice what we’re learning—they give us a diet of Spiritual food and the ability to feed ourselves with it.
  • Community groups provide opportunities to see God working through us and opportunities for our friends to point it out in us—they give us a way to bear fruit and to be used redemptively.
Faith, friends, food and fruit: these are core needs of all people. They are designed to be met by Jesus through the fellowship of his church, especially when it gathers in small groups. God uses these groups to move people from missing to mature, from desperate to devout, from seeking to soaring. Community groups build disciples who trust Jesus, teach the Word, serve the body, love people, and reproduce.

Community groups bridge people and Jesus.