Our Foundation

The Bridge is built on five core footings: trusting Jesus, teaching the Bible, serving the body, loving people, and reproducing. We believe these are the core necessities of the church and also core characteristics of disciples of Jesus. That means that everything we do as a church needs to move people toward the five footings.

Trusting Jesus.

We want you to trust Jesus. This is your identity in the Father.  The Bible says you were the enemy of God but that through Jesus, your relationship has been made right. God is not angry with you. Read about it in Romans 5:10-11.

Teaching The Bible.

We strive to teach the Bible, and we will equip you to do the same. An example of this is during our Sunday Gatherings. We will use our time to trust Jesus through direct worship with music and prayer and through use of the ordinances of baptism and communion on a regular basis.we will also use our teaching to foster our trust in Jesus as we teach the Bible in ways that cross generations, colors, cultures, and class.

Serving The Body.

We want you to become serve the body. People need people. The body of Christ is made up of a diverse and gifted mosaic of people and we have a responsibility to support each other when we struggle. We will find and communicate the needs of our body and support the organizing of help from within our own people.

Loving People.

We want you to love others. We love the people Jesus loved, which means everyone. We will build relationships with ministries in our area to assist them in loving people and to give our people opportunities to use their gifts in doing so.

Reproducing Your Faith.

We want you to be Reproduce your faith in the world as the God, who now lives in you, works through you.  Look back at the fruit the Holy Spirit produces in you at Galatians 5:22-23. These are things that benefit other people because now that God had redeemed you, He desires to work through your life to affect others, to BRIDGE people and Jesus. Everything comes back to discipleship, the intentional sharing of Jesus and the equipping of the new believer. We will equip people to share their faith and send them out to do so. When we are able, we will support this effort through missions and planting both throughout the US and around the globe.