Dec 3rd - Dec 24th
Message by: Steve Pruitt

Advent is a really old tradition that celebrates the arrival of a very important person—Jesus. By counting down the Sundays before Christmas, Advent focuses on what really matters during holidays: God coming for you….

From December 3 through December 24, we’ll look in the book of Hosea and focus on Faith. Next, we’ll focus on Hope in the book of Isaiah. Then Love in Ezekiel. Finally, on December 24, we’ll celebrate Joy from the book of Luke. And we’ll end Advent focused on Jesus.

Joy and Jesus: God prepares us through the
angels and then comes! - Dec 24, 2017

Love: God prepares us through Ezekiel
and tells us he loves us - Dec 17, 2017

Hope: God prepares us through Isaiah
and gives us hope - Dec 10, 2017

God prepares us through Hosea
and shows us Faith - Dec 03, 2017