God’s Grand Story

Oct 8th - Nov 19th
Message by:
Phil Tuttle
Steve Pruitt
Antonio Thomas

We love a great story. We love to watch the characters develop and the conflict build. We love it when all seems lost and one person fights through the chaos and sets everything right. Jesus is a hero like that—he shows up at just the right moment. He shows up when all seemed lost. Then he sets things right.

For many of us, that’s all we really know about the story. We know the ending, but missed the beginning. We know Jesus is the hero, but how did things get so bad? What went wrong? Did anyone know Jesus was on his way?

Through this series we are planning to go back to the beginning and tell the whole story. We’ll meet people of the bile who walked by faith. We’ll see how God prepared them for the coming of Jesus. And we will get to know God better!

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