July 1st - August 12th
Message by: Antonio Thomas

Have you ever wondered when Jesus makes statements like, “I Am the light of the world”, or “I am the Good Shepherd” what does he mean? What does Jesus being those things have to do with me and how does that help me in my current situation?

This message series is to help people understand the uniqueness of Jesus in being able to fulfill and provide for every aspect of human life. Jesus is God not just because Christians say so, but because is He said so. Jesus declared himself to be the Almighty God in many ways. And in being God He is the answer and the way out of every situation that falls upon humanity.

I AM - Aug 12, 2018

I AM The True Vine - Aug 05, 2018

I Am The Way, The Truth and The Life - Jul 29, 2018

I Am the Resurrection and the Life - Jul 22, 2018

I Am The Good Shepherd and The Door - Jul 15, 2018

I Am The Light of the World - Jul 08, 2018

I am the Bread of Life - Jul 01, 2018