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All churches have their own personality, style, and set of traits that make them unique. Here are a few characteristics of The Bridge that people have shared they really appreciate that we hope you will too!

Enjoy A Wonderfully Diverse Community

When you visit the Bridge you will find people from all different generations, races, cultures, and, socio-economic backgrounds. You will be among people who are familiar with church and discover many who have never had any prior church experience. Basically, we come from a wide variety of backgrounds, and yet, we are still one church family.

Experience A New Kind of Church

There are aspects to the way we do church that set us apart from most churches that don’t make us better but simply different in a way that we hope is encouraging and exciting to you!

Team Leadership

Instead of having one lead pastor, our approach is to have multiple lead pastors each of whom oversees different ministry areas while at the same time works closely together with the others to lead the church. This is most clearly seen in the fact that each lead pastor is part of the speaking team where they share the responsibility of bringing the Sunday morning messages. We believe this approach best reflects the diversity of our congregation, leads to better decisions, and, reflects a strong Biblical model.

Ministry Center

We view our facility as a center from which we work cooperatively with other organizations and churches to provide needed programs and services to our communities and to reflect the unity that God calls us to exhibit as Christians. This has included our hosting concerts, seminars, job fairs, social events, and providing space for other churches to hold their worship services. We believe that our facility should be used as much as possible by as many organizations as possible to help as many people as possible, and, we are always seeking to be creative in how we go about doing this.

New Campus Location Coming Soon! Stay tuned!

Eclectic Worship

On any given Sunday, you could experience a wide range of musical expressions that come together to form a unique blend that reflects the varied cultural and musical backgrounds of those who call The Bridge their church home. The worship is energetic, uplifting, and moving. You just have to experience it!

Feel Right At Home

“As soon I walked in the doors, I felt totally welcome and at home.” This sentiment has been expressed over and over by those who have come out to the church. The Bridge is a place where you be yourself and form friendships with other real people who are seeking a genuine relationship with Jesus.